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Manual & Automatic 

Featherstone Driver Training 

Est. 1990

Richard Woodward ADI

07903 889385

07903 889385

Latest News from Featherstone Driver Training 

12/2/15 Both Dawn and Richard attended a 2 day NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) course. This is a fascinating subject that will help us with training for Learner drivers and slimmers.

13/10/14 Richard & Dawn both completed a days training in NLP specifically aimed at teaching Learner Drivers

7/10/14 Richard & Dawn did training and passed their assessments with The Energy Saving Trust. That means they are now qualified to deliver Eco Driver training to any company with 1 - 1000's employees in how to save fuel by adapting their driving to include a style that can save money. The training they deliver is a one hour session subsidised by the government so all it costs you is a small admin fee

Aug 2014 - Richard attended the new ADI Standards Check test. He was the previous top grade 6 and is now the new top grade A. Well done to Richard

17/7/14 - Today we travelled to York to train 16 enthusiastic driving instructors how to perform 'Emergency First Aid at Work' We had a really fun day, met some fantastic people and have since learned that this course saved a life - woohoo that's what we love to hear!

10/7/14 - Due to the huge success and popularity of our first 'Coaching the Standard' course, Ian Edwards is back again today to show instructors how we can really make a difference to young drivers.

7/6/14 - Dawn is really looking forward to teaching a young girl how to drive using the left foot accelerator and remote steering ball.

5/6/14 - Dawn and Richard hosted the 'Coaching the Standard' course presented by the world renown driver training coach Ian Edwards. Ian is the top of the tree when it comes to learning about coaching drivers.

30/4/14 - As volunteers to British Heart Foundation we enjoyed delivering a Heartstart Life Skills course to the employees at TTC in Telford.

24/2/14 - Never wanting to miss the opportunity to learn something that can help us and our clients. Completely undeterred by a broken ankle Dawn attended the Fresh Start ADI Conference in Worcester. Meanwhile Richard presented his second session of 'What's Driving Us' nearby in Lebdury.

20/2/14 - Oops it seems Dawn has broken her ankle. She has hobbled round in pain for a week but today x-rays confirmed a broken ankle :(

13/2/14 - Today we delivered the first of 2 First Aid at Work courses for a Staffordshire Volunteer Support organisation

12/2/14 - Dawn, as Community Speed Watch co-ordinator, led the first Community Speed Watch outing in Featherstone. This scheme is designed to warn anyone speeding through our village of the dangers of speeding.

30/2/14 - This weekend both Dawn & Richard start their training to deliver the new NDORS 'What's driving Us' course

21/2/14 - an exciting day for us as the cabinet for the AED we have been fundraising for will be arriving. For more details of why we are raising money for this valuable life saving equipment for Featherstone please visit our fundraising page

9/2/14 - today we went Hovercrafting and flew our own independent hovercraft. Serious fun at Hoverdays. It's harder than it looks but a litle bit like riding a motorbike

13/12/13 - an exciting day for Dawn as she collected her adapted vehicle. This new training vehicle has the following controls should they be required:

°push/pull hand controls for accelerator and brake.

°Left foot accelerator.

°Steering bal.

°Steering ball with remote infra red ancillary controls

29/11/13 - We delivered an Emergency Life Skills course to Featherstone Job club. Everyone who learns the value of Emergency Life skills makes the place a safer place. Simple Skills save Lives.

21/11/13 - This was a big day for Dawn and Richard as it was the first ever 100% for Charity ADI CPD training event. They organised this event to raise money for their Featherstone AED Fund. They are pleased to report that the event raised over £1000 towards and AED and secure lockable cabinet for Featherstone. This will hopefully be installed by the new year. Their goal was for Christmas 2013 but unfortunately the wrong cabinet was sent out :(

11/11/13 - Richard and Dawn observed an ACPO NDORS Police What's Driving Us course for people who are stopped by Police for minor motoring offences. Next time they see this course they will be presenting it!

6/11/13 - Dawn organised and attended an open day to Cardington in Bedfordshire where the DSA Examiners are trained. This was attended by 26 Driving Instructors. We received really positive feedback form his event. It is amazing how well trained your examiners are. It's a difficult job and they do it so well at Cannock.

24/10/13 - Dawn is keen to be involved with training people with disabilities and medical conditions. She visited the Regional Driving Assessment Centre (RDAC) in Birmingham today to see what they do. She loved that there is so much available to keep independence for those less able bodied and is keen to become involved in this type of training

21/10/13 - Dawn felt honoured today as one of her clients allowed her to sit in on a Regional Driver Assessment Centre (RDAC) driving assessment. This has helped Dawn loads in understanding more about this type of assessments. Many thanks to CS from Hednesford in Cannock for allowing this opportunity.

22/10/13 - Dawn took training and became Community Speed Watch Co-ordinator for Featherstone & Shareshill. This involves co-ordinating the operatives of the community speed device. This device is used to target speeders in the area. Who then receive a letter making them aware of the speed limit and that they were speeding. This project has helped reduce the number of speeding motorists in some areas where they were simply unaware of the speed limits.

6/10/13 - We attended the 40th Birthday Driving Instructors Conference for the Approved Driving Instructors National Joint Council (ADINJC)

2/10/13 - As volunteers to British Heart Foundation we trained another 30 ADI's in Emergency Life Skills

15/7/13 - Dawn helped an ADI achieve RoSPA Gold. This is the highest civilian driving qualification out there. It can help you reduce your car insurance too so if you are considering advanced driving qualifications give Dawn a call as she may be able to help you.

19/6/13 - as we are now qualified Emergency First aid at work instructors we delivered our first accredited QCF Emergency First Aid at Work Course. We are looking forward to delivering may more of these. Our hard work at becoming an accredited QCF learning centre paid off.

3/5/13 - This has been a fantastic week for Richard and Dawn. Over a period of 7 days they had 7 first time passes and two candidates achieiving zero faults on their driving test. We are happy bunnies ;-)

8/4/13 We volunteered to teach the free British Heart Foundation Heartstart Emergency Life Skills to 40 Driving instructors at Leicester Driving Schools Association.

25/2/13 - Representing our Driving Instructor Training company Future Driver Training we presented at the Freshstart ADI Conference on the subject of ADI Fleet Check test training. This was to help other driving instructors understand the structure and requirements for the DSA Fleet Check test. This is a compulsory DSA Standards check on their ability to coach full licence holders and experienced drivers. Dawn & Richard have a vast amount of knowledge in this aspect of road safety as it something they have done for over 15 years being some of the first instructors to get involved with training and assessing company car drivers. They love to pass on this knowedge to other instructors and help them acheive good check test grades or help them acheive their DSA Fleet Instructor qualification.

21/2/13 - Dawn hosted an ADI CPD event for Driving Instructors on behalf of our post test and Driving Instructor training company Future Driver Training The event featured Diane Hall author of 'L of a way 2 Pass' who presented on a variety of subjects including TFT tapping techniques and Thought Field therapy in order to equip ADI's with some techniques for dealing with nervous pupils.

7/2/13 - Richard & Dawn presented HeartStart at an ADI CPD Launch event in Leicester.

January 2013 - As Future Driver Training we delivered many UK familiarisation courses for a multi national company. Assessing their drivers and helping them understand UK road rules. They found it very different to driving in India

26/1/2013 - Dawn & Richard attended a training day at Bescot stadium about vehicle licencing changes and driver behaviour.

5/12/12 - Dawn co-ordinated a trip to the DSA Training Establishment in Cardington, Bedfordshire for 18 driving instructors. This was a great day where a lot was learned about the training of Driving Examiners and the rigourous training they take to become examiners.

13/9/12 - Dawn hosted a Special Educational Needs & Drink/Drugs Awareness event for Driving Instructors on behalf of our post test and Driving Instructor training company 

25/9/12 - Another British Heart Foundation Heartstart course was presented by us at Cannock Fire Station. These valuable yet simple skills save lives. Please get in touch if you'd like to attend one of these courses

11/9/12 - Our 4th Emergecny Life Skills Course was run at Cannock Fire Station.

10/9/12 - Another training day at TTC. Todays course is to train us to deliver the 'Drive for Change' course to drivers who require skills updates when convicted of minor driving offences. We successfully completed this obtaining our ACPO/NDORS licence to teach this national course.

8/9/12 - We spent two days training at TTC to obtain our ACPO/NDORS 'What's Driving Us' Licence to teach and present this course on behalf of TTC Automotive. We both passed the course and are excited to be part of this national course based around changing attitude of drivers convicted of minor motoring offences.

30/8/12 - We attended a training event for fleet trainers. As you are probably aware we train instructors to deliver this training to company car drivers. We also offer training for instructors to to reach standard for the DSA Fleet Trainers Register. There were some great speakers that day where we were able to pick up and learn new information to help us deliver even better training.

21/8/12 - Richard & Dawn presented another Emergency Life Skills Course in Cannock.

24/7/12 - Today we presented our second Heartstart Emergency Life Skills course at Cannock Fire station. We do this as volunteers to British Heart Foundation. If you'd like to attend this course please get in touch.

4/7/12 - Today Richard and Dawn went on a tank driving experience. This last few weeks has seen us in many vehicles. This was filthy fun, we were glad it rained!

11/7/12 - We spent two days training with the famous John Haynes at the International Coaching Academy completing a Public speaking certificate and Accelerated Learning for Driving Instructors

25/6/12 - Today your Featherstone and Automatic Driver Training instructors took to the track again at Millbrook. This time testing out electric and hybrid vehicles. They also got the opportunity to drive the Range Rover Evoque and Jaguar XF in the speed bowl. The 2 seater Renault Twizy on the city track.

22/6/12 - Dawn & Richard had a go at stunt driving. They practiced J turns, fast bay parking, donuts and drove a classic Mini on 2 wheels. What a fun day out!

19/6/12 - Congratulations to Robert Foyle for a perfect drive. Robert passed with zero driver faults. Robert was trained by Dawn Woodward.

18/6/12 Today as volunteers for the British Heart Foundation we presented our first Heartstart course in Cannock.

15/6/12 - Richard and Dawn honed their track driving skills with a supercar track day in Staffordshire. Both drove an Aston Martin Vantage, a Ferarri 360 and Lotus Elise.

30/5/12 - Dawn hosted a Driver Psychology event on behalf of our post test and Driving Instructor Training company 

30/4/12 Dawn & Richard travelled to Wales to attend a course to raise awareness teaching Learners with Special Needs.This course was presented by Julia Malkin MBE who is the instructor who starred in Autistic Driving School.

27/4/12 - Today we learned how to present the British Heart Foundation Heartstart training course. We can now deliver FREE life saving skills courses on behalf of BHF and West Midlands Ambulance Service.

25/11/11 Richard passed his test to complete his Blue Light Driver training course.

14/11/11 Emma Potts who passed her driving test with Dawn got zero faults on her driving test. What an achievement. Well done to Emma.

20/10/11 We launched our first Corporate Manslaughter and Fleet Check Test Training Day. It was a huge success with 20 Approved Driving Instructors (ADI's) attending.

12/9/11 Dawn & Richard attended a Fire Safety Training day. This will help us take responsibility of our students if a fire should happen within the classroom environment.

1/9/11 Dawn & Richard attended the National Fleet Trainers Conference in Leicestershire.

8/7/11 Richard and Dawn attended a CPD event to give them more experience and understanding of the Corporate Manslaughter Act. This act effects all company's who employ anyone who drives for a job and has a duty of care to provide adequate training for their drivers. We are highly qualified to be deliver this training within companies.

26/6/11 - Richard and Dawn acheived their City and Guilds Level 4 CTLLS (Certificate to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) Teaching Certificate. This is a recognised mainstream teaching qualification for teaching adults.

28/3/11 - Richard & Dawn attended a 2 day personal coaching course to help you acheive your goal of passing your driving test even quicker.

23/3/11 Dawn organised a 'Coaching for Driving Instructors' event that was attended by by 22 driving instructors.

12/3/11 Richard was made East Midlands Area Training Manager for Any Driver Ltd.

10/3/11 Dawn was made West Midlands Area training manager for Any Driver Ltd

02/03/11 Dawn Woodward acheived grade 6 on her DSA Fleet Check Test. Straight sixes is the top grade acheivable by a driving instructor. Dawn was marked the highest grade on every category on the check test. There are only around 2% of instuctors in the country who hold this high grade. As Richard has this grade as well we are now unique in being one of very few driving schools to be able to offer such high grade instructors.

21/02/11 Matthew Dean passed his driving test with no faults. Matthew was trained by Richard Woodward.

17/01/11 Stehanie Brown passed her driving test with no faults. Stephanie was trained by Richard Woodward.

21/11/10 Richard is pleased to announce that he has passed his exams to become an Emergency First Responder.

11/11/10 Both Dawn & Richard completed a rally driving course at Silverstone Rally School. They felt it was good to be back in the learner drivers seat and learned a lot of new safety skills that they are looking forward to passing on!

6/10/10 Samantha Anslow passed the new style driving test with no faults. Samantha was trained by Dawn Woodward.

4/10/10 Richard Woodward passed his NCFE in Health and Safety.

27/8/10 Dawn was pleased that the eDriving Solutions Coaching for Fleet seminar she organised for her trainees and other ADI's went successfully. The feedback from the delegates was very positive.

20/08/10 Dawn and Richard became Drive IQ instructors through their association with A2om. Gaining the BTEC in Driving Science is even more interactive. We are the local Drive IQ instructors for the Cannock and Wolverhampton areas.


Adrian Flux are offering up to a whopping 25% discount off insurance as a reward for gaining the NVQ unit in Safe Driving. Most NVQ holders are saving at least 15% so looks like theres a good deal to be had there guys.

saving at least 15% so looks like theres a good deal to be had there guys. So for only an extra £2 per driving lesson you could gain an enviable, recognised qualification that will not only look great on your CV, and give you UCAS points but could also save you a massive discount off your insurance. Can you afford NOT to do this qualification?


We launched our new element to Featherstone Driver Training which now covers all the work we do post driving test. This includes Pass Plus, NVQ Safe Driving, NVQ Safe Driving (fleet) Taxi driver training and assessments. We also do Instructor (ADI) Training, ADI Fleet Driver Training. For the company car driver we can now offer risk assessments in accordance with the health and Safety and corporate manslaughter acts. We can also offer company car drivers a driving qualification to prove their safety on the road. This NVQ in Safe Driving is also available for Taxi Drivers.


Richard Woodward scored straight sixes on his DSA Check test. This is the highest grade possible to achieve. Grade 6 alone is only held by 8% of instructors but to score 6 on every category puts Richard in the elite. this grade can only be held by a maximum of 3% of almost 45,000 instructors. Congratulations to our very own Richard Woodward ADI Grade 6

Independent Driving is being introduced to the Driving test on 4th October 2010. Click on the DSA logo to view the official DSA video clip of how you will be directed during this part of the test'


Dawn was awarded her RoSPA Advanced Diploma in Driving Instruction. This prestigious qualification involved passing the RoSPA Gold Advanced Test which is the highest civilian driving qualification, together with advanced fleet training skills and proven business management skills. Congratulations to Dawn on this achievement.


Richard and Dawn completed their Fleet Tutor and Fleet Trainer Assessors course. They are now trained to tutor and assess driving instructors who wish to undergo Fleet Driver Training for entrance to the DSA Fleet Register.

May 2010

Dawn & Richard completed their PTLLS (C&G 7303) Teaching award. This is the first step up onto the ladder of mainstream teaching. They've enjoyed the course so much they intend to carry on and study teaching at the next level.

May 2010

Richard & Dawn launched the NVQ in Driving Instruction to the West Midlands and Staffordshire.

Our course was held locally at Hilton Hall. We can provide instructors with this well recognised qualification.

April 2010

Richard helped launch the new Staffordshire County Council CBT Extra. He is presenting the theory side of a new course designed to help young motorcyclists stay safe on the road. Attending the course gives new riders the opportunity to take some free practical on road training.

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